We exist to level the playing field, and connect genuinely good employers with diverse talent.
Finding a good job in London is hard. From job boards with millions of global applicants or unhelpful recruiting agencies, to zero-hour contracts and low wages - it can feel impossible to find the right opportunity for you.
That’s why goodwork.london was created. To connect diverse talent with purposeful employers.
Here’s how we do it:
We only share good jobs. This means no zero hour contracts, no jobs under living wage, and all jobs are direct from employers (so no recruiters).
We champion purposeful businesses. We put employer actions and commitments at the heart of a job search, so you can find the perfect employer match for you.
We connect you directly to employers. On the Careers Hub you can engage with posts and update from companies you're interested in, and access career guides and support.
Employers who do good and don’t just say it.
We believe actions speak louder than words. Whether it’s employers showing their commitment towards equality, diversity and inclusion, paying the real living wage or monitoring their environmental impact,
each of the employers on goodwork.london demonstrates at least one of our commitments.
Goodwork Commitments
Living Wage Employer
These employers believe we all need a wage that meets our everyday needs. They are committed to paying the real London Living Wage, which is based on the cost of living.
Disability Confident
These employers are part of the government’s disability confident scheme, taking action to improve how they recruit, retain, develop and support disabled employees.
Armed Forces Covenant
Employers are committed to providing support, inclusively recruiting and retaining members from the veterans community.
Looking Local
The rise of ESG means more organisations are looking to give back to the local communities they serve. You can identify with the Looking Local commitment if you’re an organisation who is taking action to hire local residents and support your local community.
B Corps
B Corp Certification is a verified standard for purpose-driven businesses to demonstrate their positive impacts on people and the planet. A Certified B Corp is legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on all stakeholders, making them legally accountable to workers, communities, customers, suppliers and the environment—not just shareholders.
Climate Conscious
Employers are committed to reducing their climate impact (e.g. working towards net zero) and making the workplace environmentally friendly.
Building Diverse Workforces
Employers are committed to diversity, equality and inclusion, and are actively striving to create a workplace environment where people feel respected, happy and can be themselves. All unique differences of each individual are valued.
Flexible Working
Employers are committed to adapting the working environment to give employees a genuine ability to control their schedule according to personal priorities. Flexibility is not one-size-fits-all but employers can make clear, actionable policies and information to ensure employees and prospective candidates are aware of the possibilities.
These employers are committed to LGBTQIA+ inclusion within their organisation, and are creating environments where all employees can flourish.
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